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  • On a Silver Platter

    Our reliable systems will ensure that you'll be able to receive each order and inquiry without a hitch.

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  • The Power to Reach Out

    Our servers are top of the line, allowing you to reach out to your customers as well as provide them with the best quality service available.

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  • Food and Beverage Software Solutions

    For Everyday Challenges you may face

    • Ability to protect your brand from liabilities of product recalls
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Food traceability
    • Food safety
    • Consistent product quality
    • Right-First-Time objectives
    • Demands from your channel masters and customer satisfaction
    • Management of pricing and trade promotions
    • Optimized planning and inventory levels
    • Product line profitability
  • We Offer the Top Choice in Solutions

    Designed specifically to help the Food and Beverage industry, Softengine's food software solution, Food One©, powered by SAP Business One, will allow you to access information instantly whenever you need it.

    • Regulatory Approval and Tracking

      Food One© ERP transaction history and process-critical functionality will assure that all required processes are properly followed so you are able to track all of your products from manufacturing to the end user through lot-control and tracking, incubation/expiration date management and stock rotation.

    • Raw Materials Management

      Manage raw materials with capabilities such as issuing and tracking support, catch-weight capabilities, potency control and more with Softengine's food software solution.

    • Systems Validation

      Softengine has the power to allow its customers to meet these rigorous requirements through our up-to-date software development and testing.

    • FDA Compliance

      When dealing with issues like 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Signatures and Electronic Records, Insert and Documentation Control, and DEA Documentation reporting, HACCP, Softengine's Food and Beverage Software Solutions.

    • Hazardous Materials Handling

      Identify, label, store and provide automated procedures that allow you to handle high-risk or products that may be incompatible using Softengine.

  • FoodOne©

    Softengine has taken the already powerful SAP Business One functionalities and enhanced them, using a series of tools that are specificially designed to optimize productivity in the multiple facets of your business.

    • Customer Order Guides

      Enables companies to track and manage inventory by case, each, and total weight.

    • Sales Orders - Calculate the Next Delivery Date

      Automatically collect customer item preferences and the ability to establish custom lists of items, accessible and copied to Sales Orders.

    • Customer Call Center Management

      Tying to Sales Orders, use the ability to manage outbound sales order calls to a number of customers, soliciting orders, so the tool allows for the company and caller to establish a list of customers to contact each day for each representative.

    • Catch Weights and Variable Catch Weights

      Based on delivery days of the week and Sales Order turn-around time, tools allow for automatic generation for the next deliver date.

    • Route Planning & Daily Route Management

      Including a Route Manager Console for managing each order on delivery days, Softengine helps establish delivery routes for each day of the week, automatically assigning the route to the Sales Orders.

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