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Colocation in Baltimore

We can custom build colocation service plans and dedicated servers to your specifications with a very fast turnaround. Whether your need is for 1Mbps or 20,000Mbps Internet bandwidth, 1u or 100 Cabinets colocation space, 1Amp of power or 10,000Amps - we can help. Most new colocation service and dedicated server plans can be setup in just days.

Available Options

  • 1U, 2U, 4U, 6U or 8U Shared
  • Colocation Cabinet
  • 20U Half Private Colocation Cabinet
  • 40U Full Private Colocation Cabinet
  • 8-by-12-foot Private Cage Colocation
  • Custom Cages are available
  • Tower Server Colocation packages with exclusive rack space available


  • Unsurpassed connectivity to the world's IP supercarriers
  • Remote Hands services availability
  • 24 x 7/365 security access to facilities
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • AC or DC power availability
  • Battery UPS back-up to generator power
  • Locking cabinets and cages

Support Service Features

  • Advanced Network Monitoring
  • Virtual Hands Service


  • Bandwidth Utilization Monitoring
  • DNS Services

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About Colocation and Baltimore Colocation Facilities

Increasingly organizations are recognizing the benefits of colocating their mission-critical equipment within an off site data center. Colocation in Baltimore , Maryland is becoming popular because of the time and cost savings a company can realize as result of using a shared colocation data center infrastructure.  Colocation facilities in Baltimore, Maryland generally have generators that start automatically when Baltimore utility power fails, usually running on diesel fuel.  These generators may have varying levels of redundancy, depending on how the colocation facility is built. Generators do not start instantaneously, so other colocation facilities usually have battery backup systems.  Many colocation facilities can provide A and B power feeds to customer equipment, and high end servers and telecommunications equipment often can have two power supplies installed. Colocation facilities in Baltimore are sometimes connected to multiple sections of the utility power grid for additional reliability.  Colocation facility owners of Baltimore have differing rules regarding cross connects between their customers. Some colocation facilities in Baltimore may allow customers to run such cross connections at no charge, or allow customers to order such connections for a significant monthly fee. Because of the high concentration of servers inside larger colocation centers, most Baltimore carriers will be interested in bringing direct connections to such buildings. They may also allow customers to order cross connects to carriers, but not to other customers. Some colocation centers in Baltimore feature a "meet-me-room" where the different carriers housed in the center can efficiently exchange data. In many cases there will be a larger Internet Exchange hosted inside a colocation center in Baltimore, where customers can connect for peering. Colocation facilities generally have multiple locations for fiber optic cables to enter the building, to provide redundancy so that communications can continue if one bundle of cables is damaged.  The colocation center in Baltimore has a reputation for providing just that. Maryland has world class facilities located in downtown Baltimore. Most colocation centers in Baltimore have high levels of physical security, and may be guarded continuously.  Some Baltimore colocation facilities require that employees escort customers, especially if there are not individual locked cages/cabinets for each customer. A colocation facility should generally provide air conditioning for the computer and telecommunications equipment in the building as well.  Most importantly, look for colocation facilities in Baltimore which provides a secure full service network operations center with 24-7-365 on location remote hands to keep your business' mission critical services online.

Though  Baltimore colocation facilities concentrate on selling colocation throughout other states and countries, colocation facilities in Baltimore should have excellent ping times both nationally and internationally and provide colocate servers whose target audience is within local Baltimore regions.  Colocation data centers should always remaining flexible in its colocation facility to ensure it meets the customer's needs.  Most colocation facilities in Baltimore can adjust and adapt to meet the needs of their customers on demand through a 'Build Your Own' package which allows Baltimore customers to customize their own colocation package which will fit their needs based on compliance or special rackspace, power, or bandwidth requirements. Inquire about bulk cross connect availabily with a possible discount to lower fees.

Baltimore Colocation Storage Plans:

Server Colocation plans in Baltimore will vary in1U, 2U, 4U & Tower server colocation packages. These server colocation packages are ideal for those with up to four servers and should have the option of both rackspace & bandwidth bundled together. A Colocation Rack Space plan in Baltimore should provide quarter rack, half rack and full rack colocation solutions thus making it  perfect for web hosting businesses, corporate colocation services and those who require colocation rack space or cabinet space. A Server Colocation Cage Space plan is the ultimate Baltimore data center colocation solution for those seeking a secure, protected environment for their rack mount & non-rack mount equipment should provide data center cage space within the data center colocation . Baltimore colocation cage features should detail a unsurpassed connectivity to the world's IP super carriers with remote hands on service availability with 24 x 7/365 security access to facilities. Fire detection and suppression should include pre-warning systems and have AC or DC power available. At least battery UPS back-up to generator power, locking cabinets and cages. Ask for pricing on Cat5 / T-1, E-1 or fast Ethernet cross-connects, Coax / DS-3 cross-connects vs. Fiber / OC-X or STM-X cross-connects. Most importantly, how many hours of data center operations support is there. Baltimore colocation data center support services should consists of the following: advanced network monitoring, virtual hands on service, bandwidth utilization monitoring, and domain name system (DNS) services. For Baltimore customers who have very specific needs, local Baltimore colocation facilities should allow you as the customer to select exactly what you want in your colocation service.

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